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Dear Iris,
We can't begin to express how amazing the band ESSENCE was at our Corporate . Our guests are still calling us to talk about it and it is 30 days after the Corporate ! We are so grateful to you for hooking us up with this band, they ROCKED the house all night long. NO ONE got off the dance floor, not once! Not anyone! NO ONE SAT DOWN! Not for one minute all night long. We couldn't have asked for a better night. We couldn't have asked for a better band. Iris, you and your crew did an amazing job following up with us and making us feel special and pampered. We will certainly recommend you to all our friends and hope to hook you up with our company holiday party as well. Thanks again for making this day more special than we could have ever asked for. You well exceeded all of our expectations and hopes for our celebrations. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!
Emily & William
Thanks so much for arranging for ESSENCE to perform at our Corporate . They were better than any band any of our friends ever heard at a Corporate and all night long everyone kept coming up to me and asking me where we found the band and that ESSENCE was the best band they ever heard at a Corporate ever! Jill was great to work with, Eddie was a doll and wow, their voices, all I can say is WOW! The other guys in the band sang really well too and I can't believe how many songs you guys can sing one after another like you are a juke box or something! Well, thanks for playing all the songs I asked for, and taking all my requests and thank you so much Iris for calming my nevers over and over and over again over the six months before the Corporate when I couldn't calm myself down. If only I had known ahead of time how great everything turned out from what you set up for us, I would have saved myself a LOT of aggravation! Again, I just don't have enough words to express how thankful I am for the great day you gave to me, my husband, my family, my friends, my relatives and all our work associates. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT JOB DONE AND A WONDERFUL DAY FOR US ALL!
Elizabeth and Dean
Dear Iris, Jill, Eddie, Carmine and the rest of ESSENCE!
Thanks so much for the great party you made for us all! Everyone is still talking about how great you guys are, how original your sound is, how much fun we all had and what a great expanse of music you can play. We couldn't believe our ears. One minute a 40's ballad and the next minute the entire room is singing Journey along with Eddie. One minute a quite jazzy swing set and then the next a hard rock Janis Joplin tune. You are so versatile and just simply so talented, none of us have ever seen or heard musicians as versatile and musically limber as you are. What a great dance party you gave us and the quiet moments were perfect too. Thanks for listening so well to all our endless demands and to following our requests to the "t". We really appreciate it and we know we made a lot of requests and made you jump through hoops, always worried that you couldn't really pull it off since we covered so many styles of musical requests. But, at the end of the day, we couldn't be happier than we are and send you this letter of thanks for making our party really wonderful.
Tiffany & Steven
Dear Iris,
I could not get enough of Essence! I LOVED them, they were so Fantastic! I never expected to have such a phenomenal band at my Corporate ! Everytime I watch the video I get excited! I love how all my guests were on the dance floor all night long! I love how everyone was rocking out and having such a wonderful time! Thank you so much Iris! My Corporate could not have been better! I truly appreciate everything you have done! I will be recommending you & Essence to everyone I know. (Hey hopefully I get to see them perform live again!!!)
Rebecca & Simon
Iris, Essence & the Rest of the IGMC Crew!
I have one word for you guys: FANTASTIC! Wow! Thank you so much for making my big day so amazing! Words simply cannot describe how perfect everything was. I appreciate how everyone at IGMC was so on top of everything, it made planning my Corporate so much less stressful! I also appreciate how accomodating Essence was, I thought a band like Essence would be demanding & wouldn't agree to all of my custom requests, but WOW, they were amazing! Thank you all so much for everything! With your help my Corporate exceeded my expectations beyond belief!
Alice & Ramon
Dear Iris,
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I was so concerned about what Band I was going to use for my Corporate because I wanted to make sure everyone had a good time. I am so happy I let you chose for me because WOW I could not have made a better choice! Everyone was dancing all night long! Everyone had a blast! I had so many people ask me where I found such a band and I gladly let them know to give you a call :)! I cannot say it enough, THANK YOU IRIS! Please let Essence know how much I loved them (again) and Thank them (again) for us!!!
Mandy & George

Party Rock

Maria & Jeff

“Thank you for all your help in making our wedding the most special day of our lives. We appreciate the fun and fabulous sounds you surrounded us with on our day!”

Melissa & Frank

“We want to thank you for the best music. Our wedding was great and all of you were a major part of that. Until this day we’re getting compliments on you guys. We can’t wait to see your video so we can see again the great time everyone had especially us. Thanks again for everything.”

Laurie & Wilson

“Thank you for a wonderful performance at our wedding. We thought you did a great job even with lots of Chinese folks. You got them on the dance floor. And the sing along with the band was very special. Thank you”

Elizabeth & Michael

“We can not thank you enough for your hard work and dedication on our wedding day. Our wedding would not have been the same without your talent and energy. You really got our party going and helped make our night worry free.”

Bernadette & Jason

"Thank you all so much for making our wedding truly amazing. We couldn't have asked for more. Everyone is still talking about how awesome you guys were. You helped to make our wedding day one to be remembered! Thank you for all your and help and for learning our wedding song by Brett Michaels. You all are a wonderful group of people and your love and commitment for what you do really shows. Thank you again for helping to create memories that will stay with us forever!"

Donna & Brian

"Thank you all so much for making my wedding reception so wonderful. My guests have told me that you are the best band they ever heard ! Robyn thank you for all the time and effort you took to help me in my planning. Hopefully someday soon I will see you again."

Johnna & Ron

"Thank you for giving us the best band. Party Rock really out did themselves. The dance floor was packed all night. People even said they never saw the dance floor so crowded for every single song. It was a great night and we have Party Rock to thank."

Alison & Nick

“We are so grateful for the wonderful performance you gave us on our wedding day. So may people have complimented us on your singing – we wish you could have heard them all. You all have a wonderful talent, and we want to thank you again and again for making our wedding so special.”

Cathy & Mike

“We can’t begin to thank you for the tremendous performance you did for us on our wedding day. Everyone is still talking about how phenomenal the band was. You helped to make our wedding so special. We feel so fortunate to have had such outstanding music.”

Donna & Chris

“Party Rock was 'Awesome' I can’t tell you how many compliments I received about how “Great” the band was. They made my wedding complete. Good food with good entertainment. Thanks for talking us into the extra hour. It was a hit. Every one was still dancing. Thank you so much for making our wedding just perfect! The music couldn’t have been better.”

Elaine & Brian

"Thanks for doing an excellent job and following through with all our special requests. Party Rock was superb! We had a great time and the new songs they learned for us were perfect. Everyone complimented on how great they were."

Emily & Tony

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! The music for our June 24th wedding was more than first rate. People are still talking about you guys! You really had the party hoppin! And what’s an affair without making everyone happy? We’re so glad we found out about you. You’re the best!”

Julie & Jim

“Thank you all so much for such an amazing party. We enjoyed every minute of our big day. We also appreciate you getting together with my friend Jessica to sing. You guys are the best!”

Karen & Joe

"Thank you so much for making our wedding the best it could be. We danced all night and did not want the music to end. We received so many compliments about the music. Thanks again for the great time."

Kristine & Richard

“We want to thank you all for doing an absolutely wonderful job at our wedding! You guys were amazing! We are still getting comments on you six months later! You truly made our wedding special.”

Lia & Peter

“We want to thank you so very much for doing an amazing job on our wedding day at the Jericho Terrace. There are no other words that best describe you besides amazing. You are all extremely talented people and you can sing like no other band out there. We were so happy we choose you. It was a miracle you were not booked on our day. You had so much patience with us. You even went as far as learning songs that my husband loved and you sung them perfectly. Our guests were extremely impressed how well you sung Italian and American songs to the tee! So may people were asking for your number after the wedding. Our wedding song was exactly how we wanted it to be sung. Thank you for making our wedding perfect you made the day perfect.”

Lisa & Bill

“We can’t thank you enough for your awesome performance at our wedding reception. Everyone just loved the group. You had our guests up and dancing the whole night. Thank you, too, for the great job you did with our wedding song (Taking You Home). Your had work was much appreciated.”

Lisa & Michael

“Our guests are still raving about Party Rock. Most people thought you were playing a C.D. when Allison performed Kind & Generous. We recommend Party Rock to everyone we know getting married. Party Rock made our wedding stand out as one of the best our guests have ever been to. We can’t thank you enough for your outstanding performance. We may just continue to go to wedding expo’s to see Party Rock again. Thank you.”

Lisa & Rob

“Thank you so much for all of your help while planning our special day. Party Rock is the most amazing band ever.”

Lucia & Joseph

“Party Rock was excellent and all our guests are all saying how great they were.”

Paula & Ken

“We are still getting compliments on the music at our wedding. You guys were FABULOUS and we can never thank you enough for all of the great memories you helped create. We have been recommending you to whoever we know that is getting married (on the hopes that we can see you again !). Thanks a million.”

Sharyn & John

“We are still in awe of the amazing entertainment you provided. Our guests continue to rave about our wonderful band. Throughout our planning we were treated with the utmost in pleasure and professionalism. Thank you.”

Stacy & Ralph

“Ralph and I want to thank all of you for making our wedding reception very enjoyable and fun for us and all our friends. Your group was the talk of the family for a long time! Its not too often an exceptional band is found that sounds like the original singers when they perform – we luckily found that in each of you. As you know it’s the music and food that makes a party and you are to thank.”

Tara & Chris

“Thank you for giving our guests and us a wonderful time. You performed our wedding song “All the Way” magnificently. We truly had a wonderful time and thank you very much.”

Tara & Joe

“We want to thank you all so much for helping to make our wedding celebration so fantastic. Our guests could not stop raving about the band! Party Rock sounded unbelievable! Special thanks you to Robyn who helped us out so much and Allison for her performance. Thanks again!”

Tina & Gandolfo

“Thank you so much for making our wedding so special. You did a tremendous job, were still hearing praise about our music! Thank you for making our night! Now that we’ve paid our bill, you should raise your prices! Ha, Ha, You’re the best.”

Edina & Altin

"Altin and I just wanted to say thank you for being so wonderful at our wedding. We absolutely loved you guys and the guests were speechless. You made our wedding reception that much more special. We really had a great time at our wedding (as you might have noticed...)."

Amy & Adam

“Almost 5 months have past since Adam and I have married. We just want to thank all of you for such a wonderful time. People have not stopped talking about how wonderful you all were. People have told us they attempted to book you for upcoming events and you were booked. We enjoy going back and watching the video just to listen to the music. Adam and I only hope that once we have children and it’s time for their bar or bat mitzvah, you are still around. Can we book unknown years in advance? Again, we want to thank you for a most memorable day. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone thinking about celebrating a special moment. Best wishes to all of you!”

Christina & Alex

“I hope you remember me. I certainly will always remember you, as you filled my wedding reception with great music and great fun. Thank you Robyn, for making it a night of true rock n’ roll. And I also appreciate the gift you all donated to the AHRC in honor of my sister Mary. She is truly a special person; it is good when others see it too. God Bless."

Allison & Paul

“Thank you for such wonderful wedding entertainment! Party Rock was incredible and we will surely recommend them to everyone! Thanks”

Debra & Paul

“Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment at our wedding. Our most memorable affair was outstanding because of your expertise and professionalism. You truly kept our guests on their feet all night. You will come highly recommended to all of those who are in search of the perfect band. All of our thanks.”

Dena & Andrew

“There are not enough words in this world to describe how wonderful all of you truly are! Our wedding was a “non-stop dance party” Robyn, thank you for all of your personal attention – it was appreciated. We had a great time!”

Jamie & Ron

“Thank you so much guys for being even more perfect than we could ever have imagined. Our guests still talk about your performance and how amazing it was. Everyone was dancing and having a good time, so it’s safe to say the night was a big success – thanks to you guys. Thank you again!”

Diane & Pat

"Thank you for making our wedding outrageous! I never had a chance to thank you personally at the end of the night. You guys were unbelievable! People are still talking about how great my band was!"

Connie & Vinnie

“Thank you guys for all you kindness and for all your help. Party Rock did a great job at our wedding! We’ll never forget it!”

Rosalie & Brian

"Thank you so much for a wonderful job you did at our wedding. All of our guests truly enjoyed our wedding thanks in large part to the performance by all of you. Thank You Again!!"