Saturday, November 22, 2014

Iris Gillon IGMC – Iris Gillon Music’n Celebrations LLC - ANOTHER EVENT!

Iris Gillon IGMC Corporate Events Planning Production Management and Design

Thursday November 6th at the Prestigious Midtown Art Gallery on 42nd Street in Manhattan, New York City, the most famous company at The Root, did a successful gala. Hosting hundreds of guests and celebrity talent attending, this party was one that everyone enjoyed!

Iris Gillon IGMC Corporate Events

Iris Gillon helps many corporations to find their venue and have a unique and one of a kind event. Having contacts with several hundred venues, there is no event planner in a 100 mile radius of NYC that has the type of specific industry knowledge and experience in venue pricing, sizes, styles and availability.
Iris Gillon IGMC - High End Corporate Events

Her company, IGMC specializes in Event Planning, Event Coordination, Event Production, Design, Implementing and producing Talent, local bands, and internationally famous name artists as well.

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