Thursday, March 29, 2012

Iris Gillon IGMC Reviews Great Parties Live Video See IGMC Parties LIVE!

This morning at 7am IGMC presented their new promo video sampling great parties with high action bands, dancing, elegant weddings, parties, music, lights, action and more! See for yourself on our new youtube promo. 42 business owners in the BNI meeting got to her Courtney from The Band PHENOMENON sing her amazing Broadway Song! It was great! Courtney and Roxy put on a dance show, dancing at 7am in sparkling mini dresses on the tables in the Hackensack Diner! It was amazing! Everyone had a blast! This is our new promo video featuring live
weddings and great corporate events and parties we have produced and performed in over the years. ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Iris Gillon IGMC Review! The Best! The Best! The Best!

Thank You Iris for the amazing job you did at our wedding this weekend! We are so very grateful and so happy to have met you and taken your advice every step of the way. And the BAND! OMG! MIRACLE was Beyond the beyond! And when Jennifer sang... it simply took our wedding to a level that none of our friends had ever experienced! We knew we hired a superstar for our wedding but didn't know what to expect. When she sang her ballads during dinner, OMG! And she was so very nice and so very attentive to us the entire night. We are so happy! And Bianca! OMG! You were so right! What a bombshell into our party! I cannot believe how much energy she has! She didn't stop moving the entire night! Everyone LOVED HER! And Mitch! OMG! What a barrel of fun! The guys in the band all did a fabulous job and the lighting and decor were perfect! THANKS AGAIN FOR A PERFECT PERFECT PARTY I could not have done it without you! Kathy & Steven Kittleman

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Five mos AMAZING Bands I have ever seen!

I've been looking all over God's Earth trying to find the right band for my wedding and only until I met Iris Gillon and saw some of her bands did I finally relax! Now my problem is WHICH BAND DO I CHOOSE! SOMEONE HELP ME! They are all so fab!!! Here are the bands from IRIS GILLON and IGMC that I LOVE! Let me know what you think! I LOVE The RESPEKT Band! I LOVE The ESSENCE Band! I LOVE The Manhattan Connection Band! I LOVE The Party Rock Band I LOVE LOVE LOVE The ATTITUDE Band! WHAT A GREAT DAY at IGMC! Now I just have to decide which one is the best for me! If you have any feedback, please let me know! THANKS Iris! You were terrific! Suzanne Moore


Thanks Iris for giving us the NYC Soul Stars for our wedding! The were beyond the beyond excellent! What a sophisticated and powerful band. We knew they were good but never dreamed they would be THAT good! Literally the guests were out of their minds with enjoyment! You played EVERYTHING we wanted and EVERYTHING was perfect. And what ladies and gentleman the musicians were! WOW! THANK YOU! We had the best night ever! GREAT BAND NYC SOUL STARS! For anyone who wants to hear and see or hire a great funk, R&B, Motown Soul grovvin band - check out my band NYC SOUL STARS!! and call Iris Gillon at IGMC, she is the best! 201-836-6085! WE LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! Melinda & Adam Zablodowsky PS pic from our wedding!

The ATTITUDE Band played my wedding!

THANK YOU IRIS for giving us the night of our lives! ATTITUDE was so amazing there simply are no words! Thank you so much forever! And this recording of Chantale on UTUBE? IT WAS EVEN BETTER LIVE!?!? if you can imagine that! THANK YOU for THE BEST TIME EVER! Connie & Bruce Sulver

Iris Gillon Reviews ~ The Best Wedding Planner EVER!!!

Iris Gillon Reviews ~ The Best Wedding Planner EVER!!! Iris planned my wedding, and my wedding was yesterday and I'm just stopping by her Iris Gillon Reviews blog to tell the world how very happy I am with how she made me feel special and how wonderful every step of the way was for me! I just had the best wedding ever! Everything was perfect from beginning till the end. My Band MIRACLE rocked the house, the design of the entire place, the lighting, the flowers, the theme, the decor, the food, the time line, EVERYTHING was taken care of by Iris and I could not be happier. THANK YOU IRIS for exceeding my expectations and for making my wedding day special beyond anything I had ever hoped for!
I'm off to my honeymoon now! I'll be in touch! Again, Iris. THANK YOU and THANK YOU MIRACLE! Marcy Brown Williams!