Saturday, November 22, 2014

Iris Gillon IGMC – Iris Gillon Music’n Celebrations LLC - ANOTHER EVENT!

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Thursday November 6th at the Prestigious Midtown Art Gallery on 42nd Street in Manhattan, New York City, the most famous company at The Root, did a successful gala. Hosting hundreds of guests and celebrity talent attending, this party was one that everyone enjoyed!

Iris Gillon IGMC Corporate Events

Iris Gillon helps many corporations to find their venue and have a unique and one of a kind event. Having contacts with several hundred venues, there is no event planner in a 100 mile radius of NYC that has the type of specific industry knowledge and experience in venue pricing, sizes, styles and availability.
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Her company, IGMC specializes in Event Planning, Event Coordination, Event Production, Design, Implementing and producing Talent, local bands, and internationally famous name artists as well.

Sunday, November 9, 2014



With wedding bands hitting the road from North Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Westchester, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Westchester, Staten Island, Long Island, The Hamptons, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Atlantic City, Cape May, Cape Cod and Texas, IGMC has had an extremely busy month this October of 2014!
Iris Gillon, the founder of IGMCis quite a busy beaver setting up weddings and corporate events literally all over the Tri-State area and from time to time nationally and even internationally. In October alone her top booking and high end dance band ESSENCE was in three weddings on Long Island, two weddings in NYC / Manhattan, four weddings in Westchester and two wedding sin North Jersey!

Her wedding band RESPEKT played seven wedding son long island and eight weddings in Manhattan. Iris Gillon and IGMC’s  amazingly versatile wedding and corporate functions band HIGH ENERGY played 3 corporate events in Manhattan and 2 private parties in Westchester and 5 weddings in North Jersey. Her extremely popular wedding band ATTITUDE performed for 3 weddings in New Jersey and 5 weddings in Manhattan, 2 wedding in Long Island and 1 corporate function in Westchester!

The MANHATTAN CONNECTION Band performed for 2 corporate events 3 weddings and 1 Barmizvah. The bands at IGMC are hopping off the shelves and parties are rocking from the tip of Long Island to the border of Pennsylvania, all throughout New Jersey, and in every borough of New York City, Iris Gillon and IGMC are making the East Coast of the United State sing and dance their hearts out!
Respekt Wedding and Corporate Event Band by Iris Gillon IGMC

Iris Gillon IGMC – The Rave Reviewscame pouring in during the month of October of 2014! 

Especially happy were the team at the Richmond University Medical Center that had their annual Hospital Fundraiser Gala for 600 at the Staten Island Hilton Garden Inn. What an amazing event that was. Normally this group doesn’t dance and they were quite adamant to tell Iris that in prior years when they used other local bands, their party was dull and no one danced and people were leaving early. Not so at this event held on Saturday October 25, 2014 at this fantastic ballroom overlooking a beautiful wall of glass with lit up trees, and a silent auction that raised important funds for this hospital and all it’s great works. The RESPEKT BAND by IGMC rocked their world. The staff, the doctors, the guests, the waiters, the hotel team, everyone was raving about how great The RESPEKT Band was and what an incredible time they all had and how much of an improvement this band was from the bands that had performed for them during prior years. This was a monumental and exciting and most thrilling event. Needless to say, the medical group booked IrisGillon / IGMC’ s RESPEKT band right away again for their 2015 gala at the same place!

On October 4th, at the Park Savoy in Florham Park New Jersey, The ATTITUDE BAND presented by Iris Gillon IGMC rocked the house where over 200 guests literally danced their shoes off with non-stop dancing from the minute the party started till the moment the closing bell rang! Chantale sang her arias one second and the next second she was belting out the latest dance hits on the charts today. The sounds of Billy Joel, Beatles, Bon Jovi, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, and so many more artists filled the night with laughter, fun, celebration and happiness. The bride could not have been more beautiful and love filled the room. People did NOT get off the dance floor for one second the entire evening. The flowers were gorgeous, the lighting was perfect and the parents of the happy bride and groom were happy from beginning till the end of this wedding.
New York LI Wedding Bands by Iris Gillon IGMC - RESPEKT


The Mouravieff family has hired the Miracle Band via Iris Gillon and IGMC before and this second wedding was total proof that when a band is great, the family books them over and over and over again!. On October 5th, 2014, this family had MIRACLE and IGMC yet again rock their world and remind them how good life can be when the music is exceptional and the performers take their craft to stellar levels. At this wedding, all of the MIRACLE musicians were cranking out pumping dance music all night long. The wedding was incredibly high energy and incorporated all sorts of ethnic backgrounds and special traditions that made this wedding specially unique and heartfelt. You could just melt into the history and depth that the combined cultures bring when two souls unite and bring worlds together in love! The NY Country Club was in a fabulous setting of green with cocktails on the veranda and the weather was lovely (THANK GOD!). Another great and successful wedding was had by all presented by Iris Gillon IGMC and TheMIRACLE BAND!

 The ESSENCE BAND by Iris Gillon IGMC

Iris Gillon IGMC PresentedThe MANHATTAN CONNECTION BAND at the Barmizvah  on Long Island on Saturday October 18, 2014. At a cute little Mexican restaurant, who would have thought that this wonderful private celebration of the coming of age for this Soul Music Loving 13 year old Jewish Boy would take place in a venue as adorable and unsuspecting as this one! At 2-Below, at K-Pacho on Union Turnpike in New Hyde Park NY, The Manhattan Connection Dance Band donned their formal garb and put on a Soul Show that would wake up eons of Motown Worshippers! This was the most unusual BarMizvah Celebration Ever, to say the least! Between the Mexican Food and the R&B Funk and Soul Music dancing, this Bar Mizvah was surely one of a kind. As usual, the party hosts were totally thrilled with Iris Gillon IGMC and The Manhattan Connection Dance Band. They could not have been happier with everything at their event. Everything was perfect, unique, all ceremonies unfolded on time and well, the band made their party and special celebration a ONE OF A KIND memorable unique and truly wonderful party. YAY for Iris Gillon IGMC and a triple YAY for the MANHATAN CONNECTION BAND!

 Iris Gillon IGMC Presents Manhattan Connection

Iris Gillon IGMC and The MIRACLE BAND, Rocked CIPRIANI’s 42nd Street one more time. For the last 18 years Iris Gillon IGMC and The MIRACLE BAND, The ATTITUDE BAND, The ESSENCE BAND, The FREEDOM BAND and a few more have been rocking the world of Graduating Sloan Kettering young doctors as Every June they gather for their graduating ceremonies and follow-up gala in midtown Manhattan and for 21 straight contracts, Sloan Kettering has been depending on Iris Gillon IGMC to help their group have the most wonderful elegant and high end music to support the high quality medical professional that they are putting out into the world.  This is a celebration that has been happening every June for the last 18 years and IGMC and Iris Gillon have been a huge part of the success and really fun times that happen at these annual gatherings of medical excellence. This year, in 2014 it was The MIRACLE BAND. Last year in 2013 it was also The MIRACLE BAND. In years prior it was RESPEKT, ATTITUDE, FREEDOM and ESSENCE. Sloan Kettering has enjoyed all of the best bands NY has to offer! YAY for Iris Gillon IGMC! YAY for 2014 and the MIRACLE BAND!
 The MIRACLE BAND by Iris Gillon IGMC

Saturday, August 25, 2012


IGMC's Dream Girls Trio Act were 100% terrific!
They performed yesterday evening at The Gotham Hall Events Space in NEW YORK CITY and the audience was ecstatic!

People were screaming bravo for at least five minutes straight.

It absolutely was a fabulous show.

We strongly suggest you take a good look at their utube video and recruit this incredible trio for your next business meeting or special gathering!

To The Dream Girls by IGMC follow the utube link THE DREAM GIRLS BY IGMC

To hire The dream girls by igmc for your wedding entertainment BEST EVENTS Or, to hire our for your important fundraising event visit our internet site specialized in incredible entertainment and event help! CORPORATE EVENT PLANNING NYC

Other fantastic entertainers by IGMC are (for example) The well known ESSENCE by IGMC that can be demonstrated at TOP NY DANCE BAND or on a one-of-a-kind on-line showcase at BEST NJ PARTY BAND & ENTERTAINMENT or at their banquet special on-line bridal show at FAVORITE NYC WEDDING BAND MUSICIANS!

Others included are:
The very best in wedding music!

Let us know what you think!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations LLC dba IGMC just arranged for a surprise birthday party out on Long Island for late may featuring the ESSENCE Band performing live! We are expecting a great turn out and a fabulous party and to rock all night long! We will let you konw how it goes!

We also just arrange for yet another wedding contract for the ESSENCE BAND! YAY!
What a great week!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Dear Iris, Thanks so much for hooking us up with the ESSENCE Band! They were really terrific this weekend at our wedding reception! All night long everyone was on the dance floor and EVERYONE couldn't stop talking about how great they were. We just simply had the best time ever! We can't thank you enough and please give our love to Jill and Carmine. They were so very nice and attentive, really they went beyond the call of "duty." We love them! Please tell them and forward this note to them. We are off to our honeymoon tomorrow! I hope to connect back with you once we are settled in our new home. Best, Kathryn & Gene.


The RESPEKT Band had a great performance last night at my husband's company party! WOW what a great band and what a great success! Thanks so much for leading us to The RESPEKT Band Iris! They were great! I will be sure to pass along your information to all our friends and associates! Janelle

Saturday, April 7, 2012

#1Iris Gillon Revew - IGMC Review - The Miracle Band Review! LANDROVER 25th Anniversary Party Event!

#1Iris Gillon Revew - IGMC Review - The Miracle Band Review! LANDROVER 25th Anniversary Party Event! Iris Gillon IGMC and The MIRACLE Band performed at the JAGUAR/LAND ROVER 25th Anniversary Party in NYC and what a great party it was! Thank you so much Iris GIllon & your incredible Band MIRACLE! This was really a great evening and the band really made the party special indeed! Everyone was talking about how wonderful you all are and we totally enjoyed the performance, every single song. Jen, you sing Adele - better than Adele! Bianca and Brad, you guys are fabulous. We all had a really good time and when I arrived at the event I really wasn't feeling well but when you started to play, I was uplifted and forgot all about being sick. Your music healed me! FANTASTIC JOB Iris Gillon IGMC! A WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE by The MIRACLE Band ! Please put us onto your mailing list so that we can come and hear you again! Melissa G. Iris Gillon Igmc Rave Review! THE MIRACLE BAND by IGMC & Iris Gillon Review!